I Think I’m In Love…

…With my closet.

Happy Valentine’s Day beautiful people. It is the day of love, and just because I’m single doesn’t mean I don’t have any. I’m surrounded with love from my sweet daughter, my dog who is currently being sneaky and eating my sweet daughter’s Valentines candy, and my bomb ass closet.Yeah, I said it. I freaking love my closet and it loves me.

Like many long standing relationships, things can become monotonous and boring. To revitalize that, you have to let go of what isn’t working and have more of what you love. That’s exactly what I did with my closet. I think everyone, has clothes in their closet that were purchased and never worn The excuses are plentiful.   “It’ll fit one day”or my big reason, “I’m just waiting for the right occasion.”

Last week, I stopped making excuses and dumped anything I don’t wear or haven’t worn. Unless, I absolutely loved it. The dress I have on in the pictures is among the pieces that were up for consideration. I just loved it and it fit so well. I would even venture to say it’s my favorite. I could not let someone else wear it before I got the chance. It is an ASOS dress. I bought it last year around Valentines Day. I never wore it, because I didn’t see an opportunity. So I made an occasion. A photo shoot of me in my favorite dress.

When I clean my closet, I sale my unwanted clothes on eBay. If they are just old tee shirts or unbranded pieces I will donate them to the local Goodwill or Salvation Army. Now that all the neglected, bad, and ugly have been cleansed, my closet is full of life and love again. It makes me all tingly inside thinking about what I will wear next.

No Domestic Diva

Hello beautiful people. This new year I’ve been going through a small transitional phase. I am trying to be a bit more classy, while maintaining my sexy style. The cool part comes naturally. I just feel like it’s time to step it up a notch. I absolutely adore the knee or mid-calf length flounce skirt. I’ve seen them on women I think are very classy. Carolina Herrera and Michelle Obama seem to come to mind at the moment. I had been on the hunt for one for a couple of months. Then, one day I was thrifting at the Goodwill in North Charleston, when I spotted that sweet baby. It was only $3.99, which filled my heart with a ridiculous amount of joy. It makes me smile just thinking about it now.

The skirts remind me of a 1950’s houseswife with her apron and pan of blueberry muffins coming fresh out of the oven. Which was the inspiration behind the kitchen theme. I just replaced the muffins and apron, with wine and a Keurig. I digress.

I purchased the top half of my look on Missguided.com. It is a Cut Out Panel Bardot Bodysuit in White at $22.00.  I think it is the part of the sexy that I want to maintain. It is good quality too. I must say that it was significantly shorter than I thought it would be. It did not reach far enough down for me to button it.


Maybe one day I’ll get to wear it out to a nice restaurant or just twirling down King Street. That would be fun. 😉

Search for the Right Jumpsuit

I love jumpsuits and rompers. However, there comes a time in every girls life, where you realize, all jumpsuits are not created equal. As I’m sure I mentioned before, I’m 5’10 with a thicker thigh. I won’t wear a majority of jumpsuits, because they are too short or waaaay too short. Some hang too low, and others give you a camel toe. No more rhyming, I promise.

First, I went to the brick and mortars. Better known as actual stores, to try on a few pieces. I found that H&M had the best strapless rompers. My bone to pick with them is that the rompers run really small. I’m not a fan of  having to wear a size 12, when I’m normally a size 8. The jumpsuits were still a little too short. I found a couple of jumpsuits at stores like New York & Company and The Limited, but they weren’t exactly my style. I didn’t do myself any favors by going into Saks off 5th. I fall in love every time I walk in this store. Only to get my heart crushed by prices i’m not willing to pay. I found a very nice black jumpsuit by BCBG Maxazria for $105.  I really didn’t want another black garment especially for that price.

Next, I had to do an online hunt. The problem with shopping online is that looks can be deceiving. You have to read all the details before purchasing. Even from brands you trust. If you’re looking at a model wearing a size 2, there is a big chance it’s not going to look the same on you. Always pay attention to measurements. When shopping on sites like Ebay or Etsy, ask the seller anything you’re unsure of. It is such a pain to wait a week to get an item only to find out it doesn’t fit.

Asos.com is usually my first choice to find anything I want related to fashion. The site has clothes that specifically fit tall girls. Including, longer inseams and sleeves. They also carry brands that are good quality and affordable. I love that. However, I couldn’t find what I was looking for.Next, I went to the Free People website. I know its a brand I always have to try on, but everything is so pretty and whimsical. Finally, after exploring some other sites like, Topshop, Nastygal, and Missguided. I stumbled across Lulus.com. After a couple a minutes of exploring, there it was. The line from the song “Sex and Candy”, always pops up in my head when I see that perfect piece. “Like double cherry pie, there she was, like disco super fly”. It wasn’t black. It was sexy. It was basic enough that I could accessorize it to my liking. The number one reason I choose it was because, It had a 33’inseam. YAAAAASSS! It arrived a few days later and my search was officially over. Now, I have to figure out where to wear it.

Photography by Photos by Kelly @Pbkpix.com