Miami Art Basel

Hello beautiful people! Miami was my previous city of residence for eight years. It still feels like a second home. Though I couldn’t afford it when it was my first and definitely cant afford it now. I made life long friends and had life changing experiences in those eight years. A few days ago, one of my best friends called me, because she acquired VIP passes to the main exhibition for Miami Art Basel. So, I jumped at the opportunity to take a quick trip back to sunny South Florida.

Art Basel is an international art event held annually in Miami and Hong Kong. In Miami, there are art galleries set up throughout the city. There are hundreds of galleries and thousands of artist from around the world featured. Primarily in Miami Beach, the Design District, and the Wynwood Art District. I had previously attended events in the Design District and Wynwood. This time was disignated for Miami Beach. Mainly due to that horrible traffic and parking in the other two districts.

Outside of Art Basel. I went out to a new lounge by the name of Sweet Liberty. I loved this place. There was good music, food, decor, and had a more local feeling. What does that mean? In comparison other Miami Beach night life establishements. It wasn’t full of horny tourist and girls in bodycon dresses looking for there next sugar daddy. It was just chill. I will say, it is very easy to spend $50 to $100 for a couples of drinks and a meal.

I also made a visit to The Brickell neighborhood to have a fine dining experience at Asian fusion restaurant Komodo. This place is not cheap by any means. It’s an average of $60 per person without beverages. It is denfinitly worth the ambiance and experience. You may even see a celeb or two. It’s been known to host Drake, Derek Jetter, the Kardashians, and many others.

For anyone who just needs to feed themselves while on vacation. My favorite spots on Miami Beach were always Pizza Rustica, Big Pink, and Burger King that serves beer. There are other national franchises for a quick bite as well. Stay away from any restaurant on Ocean Drive. Particularly the ones with pretty girls trying to shove menus in your face. Not only will it cost you. The food and booze they are peddling aren’t worth it.

Although, I spent less than 48 hours in Miami. It was one of the best trips I’ve taken back. I definitely enjoyed the art and food. However, the highlight was getting the chance to spend time with my favorite people on the planet. I haven’t seen them in years and we didn’t skipping a beat. I’m absolutely looking forward revisiting. ¡Hasta luego!

BCBG Max Azria Almost Gone, but Not Forgotten

Hello again beautiful humans. A few weeks ago I got an email from BCBG Max Azria saying the store at Tanger Outlets in North Charleston was closing. The feeling I got was bittersweet. It’s been one of my top brands for almost a decade, and I hate to see it go. However, the thought of the discounts before they closed had my spendy senses tingling. They carried formal, wear to work, and going out women’s apparel. It was my Miami and Charleston staple.

I decided to do a little research on what was happening with the company, but I’m not going to go into too much detail. I like to keep things simple. According to the article “What went wrong BCBG” on the company filed for Chapter 11 back in March. A spokesman for BCBG explained, “Like so many other great brands, BCBG has been negatively impacted by the growth in online sales and shifts in customer shopping patterns and, as a result, has too large a physical retail footprint. In order to remain viable, the company, like so many others in its industry, must re-align its business to effectively compete in today’s shopping environment.”

So, the company is closing down many of their brick and mortars and focusing on online sales.  The article went on to say people aren’t brand loyal any more. There’s just so many other options now. I had to agree with that point. The last couple of years I’d rather buy something from H&M, or my online favorite The clothes are very on trend, pretty good quality, and a fraction of price.

When I’m out shopping, I always visit BCBG, and consistently see the same collection in different colors. I understand having signature styles, but there has to be something original in the bunch too. DVF doesn’t only have  wrap dresses, but I digress.

I still have major love for the brand, but I don’t see myself going out of my way to shop online for it. Unless it’s on eBay. I really hope they bounce back. Until then, I’ll just hang on to the memories of my best BCBG Max Azria looks.

Welcome to the Neighborhood?

Moving to a new city is always an adjustment. It takes time to get the lay of the land, a feel of the people, and most importantly how those people dress of course. As I previously stated, I spent a majority of my twenties in Miami. The hot weather and the really really ridiculously good looking humans walking around, definitely influenced my sense of style. So after relocating to the Charleston area, I knew I had to make a few modifications to my wardrobe.

Above, are a few of my Miami looks. Simple and very minimal. Damn, I was skinny…good times!

Naturally, with time, age, and your environment, your style changes. It’s more  defined. Right now, my style is  still sexy with a little less skin. The current rule of thumb for me is to just chose one. That is, one part of my body that I will accentuate. It might be my shoulders, midriff, legs, back, or a little cleavage. I try to pick pieces that represent that.  I think I got tired of people knowing the color of my underwear when I bent down.

These are more recent looks. I love midi’s. Asos and BCBG MaxAzria.

The pics below, were taken this summer. It’s a combination of  what I would consider a Charleston look and my own style.  The dress is seersucker with a sweetheart neckline by Betsy Johnson. From Community Thrift Store on Rivers Ave. for $10. YES!

I don’t know that I’ll ever be the girl who owns tons of  Lilly Pulitzer, Kate Spade, Micheal Kors, or Tory Burch. They’re quality brands, but with growing popularity. They become less exclusive, and everyone starts looking the same. It has always been difficult for me to blend in to crowds anyway. So now when I walk into a room I own it 😉