Spring Flair!

This is a familiar story for a girl like me. I loved this black bardot jacquard crop top by LPA on Revovle.com. Which was paired with the matching cropped pant. But of course. The pants were sold out in my size. Now, I had to go on an online journey to find something to pair with it. Going with a simple black could be a big fail, because of the texture and sheen of top. It could potentially make the top appear faded or washed out. So, I sought out the other colors in the top. Gold and a berry color. I ended up purchasing the gold pleated skirt from SHEIN.com. Not only did the skirt add flair. It made the colors on top really pop.

Special thanks to my photographer and friend Kelly Pyle @pbkpix. Also my beautiful and often used back drop Dowtown Charleston.

No Domestic Diva

Hello beautiful people. This new year I’ve been going through a small transitional phase. I am trying to be a bit more classy, while maintaining my sexy style. The cool part comes naturally. I just feel like it’s time to step it up a notch. I absolutely adore the knee or mid-calf length flounce skirt. I’ve seen them on women I think are very classy. Carolina Herrera and Michelle Obama seem to come to mind at the moment. I had been on the hunt for one for a couple of months. Then, one day I was thrifting at the Goodwill in North Charleston, when I spotted that sweet baby. It was only $3.99, which filled my heart with a ridiculous amount of joy. It makes me smile just thinking about it now.

The skirts remind me of a 1950’s houseswife with her apron and pan of blueberry muffins coming fresh out of the oven. Which was the inspiration behind the kitchen theme. I just replaced the muffins and apron, with wine and a Keurig. I digress.

I purchased the top half of my look on Missguided.com. It is a Cut Out Panel Bardot Bodysuit in White at $22.00.  I think it is the part of the sexy that I want to maintain. It is good quality too. I must say that it was significantly shorter than I thought it would be. It did not reach far enough down for me to button it.


Maybe one day I’ll get to wear it out to a nice restaurant or just twirling down King Street. That would be fun. 😉

Total Bomber

Seems like men and women alike, are staying warm and trendy with the bomber jacket. They are in every store in a variety of prints and colors. Personally, if I choose to buy into a trend, I make sure I get my money’s worth or that it’s dirt cheap. I try to pick something that I can wear multiple times, with multiple outfits. Something that’s going to be acceptable in future seasons. Though, I would love a pink satin bomber with floral embroidery. I would normally go with something solid.

The first bomber jacket I bought this season was from Ross. It was around $17. According to Vouge Magazine, pink is having a moment. I just got it, because it was cheap and pink is my favorite color. It was the perfect piece to compliment my Jem and the Holograms tee. I wore it to the Coastal Carolina Fair. The fair always makes me feel like a kid again. So I add was my youthful twist to the look.

After I purchased and wore the pink bomber.  I went into TJ Maxx a few weeks later and seen the bomber I was describing in the first paragraph. It was black and reversible. One side was solid. The other side was also black with a purple floral print. I bought it, obviously. It was $24.99. I thought that was a decent price for the versatility. It went perfect with my new black over the knee boots I ordered from Charlotte Russe.

I wore the jacket with my favorite pair of J Brand Jeggings, a bodysuit with sheer panels from H&m, and the black over the knees boots from Charlotte Russe. I liked this look, it was fun and sexy. The next time I wear the jacket it will most likely be the solid side. Just wanted to wear the floral side to look cool for the internet. 😉

Photography by Photos by Kelly @pbkpix.com

Welcome to the Neighborhood?

Moving to a new city is always an adjustment. It takes time to get the lay of the land, a feel of the people, and most importantly how those people dress of course. As I previously stated, I spent a majority of my twenties in Miami. The hot weather and the really really ridiculously good looking humans walking around, definitely influenced my sense of style. So after relocating to the Charleston area, I knew I had to make a few modifications to my wardrobe.

Above, are a few of my Miami looks. Simple and very minimal. Damn, I was skinny…good times!

Naturally, with time, age, and your environment, your style changes. It’s more  defined. Right now, my style is  still sexy with a little less skin. The current rule of thumb for me is to just chose one. That is, one part of my body that I will accentuate. It might be my shoulders, midriff, legs, back, or a little cleavage. I try to pick pieces that represent that.  I think I got tired of people knowing the color of my underwear when I bent down.

These are more recent looks. I love midi’s. Asos and BCBG MaxAzria.

The pics below, were taken this summer. It’s a combination of  what I would consider a Charleston look and my own style.  The dress is seersucker with a sweetheart neckline by Betsy Johnson. From Community Thrift Store on Rivers Ave. for $10. YES!

I don’t know that I’ll ever be the girl who owns tons of  Lilly Pulitzer, Kate Spade, Micheal Kors, or Tory Burch. They’re quality brands, but with growing popularity. They become less exclusive, and everyone starts looking the same. It has always been difficult for me to blend in to crowds anyway. So now when I walk into a room I own it 😉