ASOS Wine Latex Midi

Hello Beautiful People! I recently did a session with the very talented photographer Nicole Mickle @nmicklephotography. She wanted to collab with a few bloggers for an edgy dark shoot. I immediately thought of leather. Leather soon turned in to latex, because it’s cheaper. I wanted to do something different from those super slutastic sweetheart dresses the Karjenners often wear. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I found this wine midi dress on for around $50.

ASOS Design PU Strappy Back Halter Midi Dress
ASOS Design PU Strappy Back Halter Midi Dress

Embrace the Lace

I absolutely love a lace and boned dress. With the combination of my exposed shoulders. I was head over heels when saw I this sexy yet classy number on Its Australian brand. So I had to be careful about the sizing. Australian and UK sizes are 4 sizes smaller than US sizes. What can I say? We like our greasy food over here.

When it arrived, it was a little snug. Thank god for shapewear and corsets. After that, it slid on perfectly. I felt like a fuckin sexy vixen. I felt like I could be in a telenovela smacking my cheating man dramatically. Except for the I donโ€™t speak Spanish.

The location is Colonial Dorchester State Historic Site. Along the Ashley River. It is one of the many locations where a civil war battle took place. There were multiple spots to take photos, including a grave yard. However, I didnโ€™t want to go that dark. The day was warm with an overcast. It made for great combination with the deep red color of the dress. It really set the mood. This was one of my favorite shoots so far. Iโ€™m excited to Explore more fun spots around the Low Country. Until next time, keep it sexy! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Photography by Photos by Kelly @pbkpix

Bohemian in the Burbs

Hello beautiful people! Though, I claim the city of Charleston as where I reside. I actually live in the suburb of Summerville, SC. It sounds like a place where they still have a milk man. Parts of the town look like it too.  I rarely wear anything other than yoga pants and sarcastic tees around town. Even when I haven’t been to the gym and didn’t plan on going that day. It’s kind of the suburban thing to do. I really enjoyed skipping around Downtown Summerville, posing as a barefoot bohemian fairy. That’s what I call it anyway.


The sea foam tulle skirt is from Rue 21. I purchased the skirt $9.99. It slips on and off. Which, makes for an easy transition out of the yoga pants. It took me a while to find something that matched to my liking. The embroidered crop top ended up being at target for $12.99. In the same shopping center,thank goodness. It features criss cross back straps and a side zipper. It held me in well, no underboob. I wouldn’t want to scare any school children. Anyway, I bought the gold head band from Claire’s. I don’t know how much I paid for that exactly, but I do know I don’t buy anything from Claire’s unless it’s on clearance for $5 or less. In total my outfit was less than $35. All purchased locally.

I felt sexy and free spirited. The beautiful day must’ve inspired positive vibes ๐Ÿ™‚




I Think I’m In Love…

…With my closet.

Happy Valentine’s Day beautiful people. It is the day of love, and just because I’m single doesn’t mean I don’t have any. I’m surrounded with love from my sweet daughter, my dog who is currently being sneaky and eating my sweet daughter’s Valentines candy, and my bomb ass closet.Yeah, I said it. I freaking love my closet and it loves me.

Like many long standing relationships, things can become monotonous and boring. To revitalize that, you have to let go of what isn’t working and have more of what you love. That’s exactly what I did with my closet. I think everyone, has clothes in their closet that were purchased and never worn The excuses are plentiful.   “It’ll fit one day”or my big reason, “I’m just waiting for the right occasion.”

Last week, I stopped making excuses and dumped anything I don’t wear or haven’t worn. Unless, I absolutely loved it. The dress I have on in the pictures is among the pieces that were up for consideration. I just loved it and it fit so well. I would even venture to say it’s my favorite. I could not let someone else wear it before I got the chance. It is an ASOS dress. I bought it last year around Valentines Day. I never wore it, because I didn’t see an opportunity. So I made an occasion. A photo shoot of me in my favorite dress.

When I clean my closet, I sale my unwanted clothes on eBay. If they are just old tee shirts or unbranded pieces I will donate them to the local Goodwill or Salvation Army. Now that all the neglected, bad, and ugly have been cleansed, my closet is full of life and love again. It makes me all tingly inside thinking about what I will wear next.