Tennessee Smoky Mountains Weekend

Hello again beautiful humans. I was looking for a change in scenery, and I hadn't seen mountains in a while. So I decided to take a trip to scenic Gatlinburg, Tennessee, though I would've preferred Nashville. My family owns a timeshare in Gatlinburg, and I am all about being cost effective. The five hour drive … Continue reading Tennessee Smoky Mountains Weekend

Le Dîner en Blanc Charleston

Hello again beautiful people. I just attended this really cool picnic style white party called, "Le Diner en Blanc-Charleston". It's an event held all over the globe that originated in Paris 30 years ago. Hence the French ass name. The concept is to dress in all white, bring all your own tables, chairs, cutlery, tablecloths, … Continue reading Le Dîner en Blanc Charleston

Lexus Charleston Fashion Week

Let me start off by saying that I wasn't a VIP, my seats were not front row, and I only went one night. I'm just a girl on a budget who needed a fashion fix. With that said, my personal photos suck, but I will show you some of my favorite looks from the week … Continue reading Lexus Charleston Fashion Week

Give Em the Cold Shoulder

First, I just want point out the frog that looks like it's trying to make a pass at me. He is kind of cute. I should see if he turns into a prince. Back to the matter at hand. This weather is  about as hot and cold as my last relationship. I wanted to find … Continue reading Give Em the Cold Shoulder

I Think I’m In Love…

...With my closet. Happy Valentine's Day beautiful people. It is the day of love, and just because I'm single doesn't mean I don't have any. I'm surrounded with love from my sweet daughter, my dog who is currently being sneaky and eating my sweet daughter's Valentines candy, and my bomb ass closet.Yeah, I said it. I … Continue reading I Think I’m In Love…

Classy, Sexy, Cool

Hello beautiful people. This new year I've been going through a small transitional phase. I am trying to be a bit more classy, while maintaining my sexy style. The cool part comes naturally. I just feel like it's time to step it up a notch. I absolutely adore the knee or mid-calf length flounce skirt. … Continue reading Classy, Sexy, Cool

Search for the Right Jumpsuit

I love jumpsuits and rompers. However, there comes a time in every girls life, where you realize, all jumpsuits are not created equal. As I'm sure I mentioned before, I'm 5'10 with a thicker thigh. I won't wear a majority of jumpsuits, because they are too short or waaaay too short. Some hang too low, … Continue reading Search for the Right Jumpsuit