The Deviant Diva was born one night after a wine induced conversation with an old friend about, the difficulty I was having making new friends in Charleston. I would go out to meetups and even on dates. A significant amount of the people I met, dressed alike, sounded alike, and even ordered the same drinks. I believe these people were suffering from a decease they call “basic bitch syndrome”.

The moment I spoke of my single mom-ness,  tinder adventures, and ambiguous religious beliefs. I would get the “I’m smiling at you, but I don’t like/get what you’re saying” look. As if  I were a deviant in holy Charleston. The only thing I felt I had in common with most, were heavy drinking habits.

However, as I soldiered on. I found my creative, go-wit-the-flow, open minded tribe. They love the free-spirited frugal foodie no filter fashionista #nocommas, I’ve always been. The refusal to conform and true love for the city,  motivated me to chronicle my experiences around Charleston, fashion, travel, and just life in general. Now, it’s through the eyes of The Deviant Diva!