The Deviant Diva was born one night after a few glasses of wine. I was voicing my frustration with difficulty making friends in Charleston. I would go out to meetups and on dates. A significant amount of the people I met, dressed alike, sounded alike, and went to Costa Rica specifically, on vacation/honeymoons. There are so many islands. Why is everyone going to Costa Rica?  

The moment I spoke of my single mom-ness,  tinder adventures, and ambiguous religious beliefs. I would get the “I’m smiling at you, but I don’t like/get what you’re saying” look. There’s a traditionally southern marriage minded culture in Charleston. Anything outside of that mindset sounds foreign. The only thing I had in common with most of the people were heavy drinking habits.  

After numerous outings. I realized my magnificent personality wasn’t for everyone.  I felt as though I was a deviant in “The Holy City” .  However, it didn’t stop me from being exactly who the fuck I am. A free-spirited frugal foodie no filter fashionista. #No commas. My refusal to conform and love for the city, inspired me to chronicle my experiences around Charleston, and life in general.

P.s. I did end up making some pretty cool friends around here. They encourage and except me for all those F’s I am. 😉