Hello San Francisco!

Hello beautiful people! I recently made a trip to San Francisco with my daughter. We were only there for the weekend. So, we squeezed in all we could.

Upon landing and gathering our belongings. We caught the train downtown and checked into the charming Hotel Whitcomb. It was built in the early 20th century, and used as a substitute city hall. After the 1906 earthquake significantly destroyed parts of the city. There’s even a jail in the basement to this day. I didn’t know any of this information prior to check-in. However, I decided to do research after. Due to the creepy vibes I was getting in the hallways. There were many reviews that claimed the hotel was haunted. Previous guest wrote about their belongings falling or moving in the middle of the night. Also, seeing apparitions in their room. Luckily, I didn’t experience any of those occurrences. It was a lovely stay. Though, the rooms could’ve been bigger.

One of the advantages of living on the east coast. Is when visiting the west coast I’m an early bird. I wake up around 5 am, get coffee, and once the sun rises it’s time to explore the city.

The first morning we walked to a popular cajun brunch restaurant, Brenda’s French Soul Food. There was a bit of a wait. However, once we were seated the service was lovely and the food was decent.

After brunch, I wanted to do a little shopping. There was a mall within a half a mile from the restaurant. So, we decided to go on foot. As we made our way down a side street. It became sketchy. It was littered with the homeless for blocks. No one bothered us. However, I did see a man bathing himself from a fire hydrant. At that point it was a full moon. The experience made me uncomfortable and sad. The disparity between the rich and the poor in cities like this are heart rinching and disgraceful. Especially, when it represents itself as a place of love and acceptance for all.

Day two started with coffee at a cute cafe across from my hotel. Then, we headed to The Museum of Ice Cream SF. There’s also a location in NYC. It was my girly girl wet dream. With pink everything, unicorns, a sprinkle pool, and lots of frozen treats. Every room has a different theme where you’re offered ice cream confections. We happened to go during the holiday season so the decor was on another level. The tickets were about $40 per person. I thought it was worth it. We had a great time and captures awesome pics!

Last, but not least. The reason we went to San Francisco was for my daughter to see The Golden Gate Bridge. It was an $8 Uber pool ride and about ten minutes from the hotel. It’s truly an American modern marvel. There’s nothing like seeing my kid’s face filled amazement. We also took in Alcatraz Island and just the beautiful skyline of the city.

This was my second trip to San Fran, and the first for my daughter. With that said, I kept the activities easy and quick. On my previous trip, I explored a lot more. My highlights were definitely Fisherman’s Warfs with sea lions. Ashbury neighborhood with hippie and Full House vibes. My favorite was definitely Castro District. It is a community dedicated to the LGBTIA and allies.

I was thrilled to rediscover the city. People are genuinely nice without an agenda. Unlike other parts of California. There’s also no shortage of activities and views. In my opinions, it’s one of the most beautiful major cities in America. 🙂

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