Charleston New Years Eve Frugalista Edition

Hello Beautiful People, and Happy New Year! Yes, I am the same diva with Dom Pérignon taste on a Barefoot Wine budget. Just I was last year. So when I decided to celebrate New Years Eve in Downtown Charleston, I wanted to keep it budget conscious. To be realistic, I knew it is virtually impossible to spend any less than $100, but I was certainly going to try.


I began by looking up tickets and prefixed menus at some of the popular restaurants and bars. My findings were well above my budget for the most part. For example, a popular lounge like Republic Garden on King Street was $55 per person for admission and a champagne toast at midnight.Considering food and beverages were not included. I thought I may get too close to my limit, without having the opportunity to check out other spots.

A few restaurants I looked into were O-ku, 5Church, and Ruth Chris. All with prefixed menus. Ruth Chris’ menu started at $45, which isn’t that bad, until you include drinks, tax, and gratuity. Once again too close to my limit. The other two restaurants were $75 and $100. At that point, I was beginning to become a little discouraged.

Silly Poses Inside The Renaissance Hotel Downtown Charleston

Finally, in true Tiffany fashion, I waited until the night before and looked up other alternatives. Specifically, places that didn’t have prefixed menus and admission covers. My lovely date was the one who actually found a nice restaurant called 1Kept in the Renaissance Hotel Downtown. The menu was moderately priced and I liked the contemporary atmosphere.

1Kept was a great start to the evening. The ambiance was perfect. The food was delicious. Most importantly the check was around $60 for the both of us. Almost $30 per person. After dinner, we went to one of my favorite bars downtown, Cane Rhum Bar. There wasnt’t a cover and all specialty cocktails are $12. We were also treated to a hipster dude on the guitar singing hip-hop songs. He sang 50cent’s P.I.M.P and my personal favorite R. Kelly’s Ignition. I though it was hilarious, but he was good. With two cocktails and a champagne toast $24 per person, plus tip. I was still under my personal $100 limit. Last I met up with my friends at Charleston Beer Works. By the time we got there the cover was only $5 and drinks were pretty inexpensive. I may have spent a total of $20 there. That was where my night ended.

I had such a wonderful evening and I managed to spend under $100. Nothing makes me feel as good as getting dressed up and going out on the town without breaking the bank. I cherish those moments, because they are so few and far between these days. I know some people could’ve spent less and had equally as of fun as I did. I just like to share my experiences and suggest alternatives to other frugalistas like me.  😉


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