Ink & Ivy Charleston…MMMM

Hello Beautiful People! This week A friend and I lunched at Ink and Ivy, located on upper King Street in Downtown Charleston. Previously an old pawn shop transformed in to a trendy restaurant/late night lounge. The theme is definitely focused on tattoo art. With the decor being a mixture of both retro and contemporary. I’d heard good things, so I was looking forward to seeing for myself.

We were seated in one of the yellow booths in the back. Near the climbing figures mounted on the wall. Our waiter’s name was Forrest and he looked like The Weeknd. If The Weeknd were poor. Seemed like a cool guy. He gave us some pretty good suggestions.

We ended up ordering the spicy shrimp tacos, pork belly sliders, and a steak sandwich. It was lunch so I stayed away from speciality cocktails this time. I was thoroughly satisfied with the meal and service. Best of all, the check was about $40 between us.

I really enjoyed the atmosphere, the art, and Forrest. This is definitely a great date spot. Unlike a few other trendy restaurants downtown, your date won’t shit his pants when he sees the check. 😉

Check out the menu

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