Night out at Hutson Alley

Hello beautiful people! Hutson Alley is one of my favorite date night spots in Downtown Charleston. It’s a collection of bars and restaurants. On a palm tree lined alley off of John Street. The alley includes a chic bar, steakhouse, French place, Italian eatery, and a seafood restaurant. Inside each one, are beautiful exposed brick walls with paintings that coincide with the theme of the restaurant.


It was a special occasion. My post birthday date night. The evening began at Coast Bar and Grill. The seafood restaurant of the alley. Reservations are advised for this place. Otherwise, you’ll be waiting for a while. It was very busy for a random Tuesday night. This is the most casual of all the restaurants on the alley. I was a bit overdressed, but I looked too damn good to care.


We started with their “award winning” mojitos. The Strawberry, Mango, Hawaiian Peach, and Cucumber Melon. All the flavored mojitos on the menu. The Strawberry was too overpowering. The Hawaiian Peach was too fizzy. Cucumber melon was juuuust right. Next, came the oysters. In order for me to eat oysters, they must be cooked and well seasoned. They were both, but crunching sand isn’t my thing. After about 45 minutes our main course came out. I had the trio dish, which included steak, jalapeno bacon wrapped shrimp, and grilled salmon with a side of mixed vegetables and mashed potatoes. To be honest, they burnt my food. The shrimp was still pretty bangin’ (good) though. The dining experience was not what I wanted it to be. Thank goodness, I had great company and drinks to make it more pleasant.


Next, we walked over to The Victor Social Club. The bartender, who I believe goes by the name of Jim, is working every time I’ve visited. He is very professional, friendly, and fast. He’s a pretty cool dude. I had 2 Gellhorn Pina Coladas. A hand-shaken take on the classic aged rum, coco lopez, coconut water, passion fruit, orange and lime juice. Straight from the menu. The dimmed lighting and adult contemporary music playing in the background, made for a relaxing romantic ambiance. It was a perfect way to end the evening.

P.s. The Alley is a bit of a splurge. You can easily drop at least $150, if you’re drinking. Not advised for first dates. 😉






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