Bee City

Hello beautifu people! A few weeks back, I chaperoned one of my daughter’s field trips for her summer camp. We went to a petting zoo by the name of Bee City. It’s located in Cottageville, SC. Down a dirt road you might find a body or two, but I didn’t see any that day. It’s about an hour outside of Charleston.

Upon arrival, a very enthusiastic lady explains very slowly, the do’s and dont’s of the zoo. Dont’s included no litter, no putting your hands in hot wax, and no climbing the animal fences. Do’s were have fuuun! I don’t remember the other do’s for some reason. Next, we walked into a room where the children got to pour honey in their own bear shaped containers. They also made bee’s wax molds shaped like butterflies and bees.

Next, we headed outside for the petting portion of our visit. The employees handed out a little cup of cheerios to all children. They were able feed monkeys, bunnies, llamas, birds, and ponies. Feeding the animals made me pretty giddy. I was having more fun than some of the children. We also visited the reptile room with snakes, lizards, turtles, etc.

We concluded the walking tour by gathering in a classroom where bees, in a glass case, were working. The enthusiastic lady from the beginning comes back and explains pollination and such. Followed by lunch. The children left full of food and bee knowledge. I left with a child like feeling of pure joy. That day was a good day 🙂

P.s. Its only open to the public on the weekends and there is big possibility you won’t have cell service. I didn’t, nor did other parents.

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