Charleston Birthday Shenans

Hello beautiful humans! I just had my big 3-0 birthday… AGAIN. This is the first birthday I celebrated in Charleston. One of my besties came to visit for the weekend, and we hit the town running. Well…walking. I am a little slower these days. We stayed downtown at The Lodge Alley Inn. It was lovely, we had a townhome style room right on Bay St. The Hotel is within walking distance of everything.

We started our evening at Stars Restaurant rooftop. We drank, laughed, and enjoyed the breeze. It was nice and the drinks were decent. The crowd was a little under whelming though. So,we headed back to Bay Street to Pearlz Oyster Bar for a snack. Though it was busy, the host was very accommodating and service was prompt. I don’t really do oysters unless I’m with a special someone, for special reasons. #sexytime. I stuck with calamari instead. I ate every single one. Sooo good. My friend ordered clam chowder, which was also given high praise.

After the food break and a quick wardrobe change. We randomly walked into Cane Rhum Bar. It is a cute island style bar that specializes in…You guessed it, Rum. It was just busy enough to grab a seat and wait, then wait some more for a drink. The service was a little slow. Once I ordered my “Zombie”. Which you are only allowed to order one per person. I was not disappointed. For $12, they basically set a lemon on fire and poured you colored rum. Which is just how I like my drinks, mostly liquor. There was a guy on the guitar jammin as well. Good date spot. I like the vibe.

Our last stop, was Upper Deck. It’s a dive bar on King Street. By this time I was a bit tipsy. I don’t remember how we found it. However, I do remember there was a random door, up random stairs. We had the most fun at this place though. The bartenders were super cool and normal. It was an escape from the average downtown bar. The drinks were super cheap, and my favorite thing. I didn’t feel like I had to be “cool”. No judgement at this place. Vagina and slavery talk all night. It was great end to the evening.

This was only one of the days we were out. I’ll save the rest of my outings for another post. Til next time 🙂

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