Bohemian in the Burbs

Hello beautiful people! Though, I claim the city of Charleston as where I reside. I actually live in the suburb of Summerville, SC. It sounds like a place where they still have a milk man. Parts of the town look like it too.  I rarely wear anything other than yoga pants and sarcastic tees around town. Even when I haven’t been to the gym and didn’t plan on going that day. It’s kind of the suburban thing to do. I really enjoyed skipping around Downtown Summerville, posing as a barefoot bohemian fairy. That’s what I call it anyway.


The sea foam tulle skirt is from Rue 21. I purchased the skirt $9.99. It slips on and off. Which, makes for an easy transition out of the yoga pants. It took me a while to find something that matched to my liking. The embroidered crop top ended up being at target for $12.99. In the same shopping center,thank goodness. It features criss cross back straps and a side zipper. It held me in well, no underboob. I wouldn’t want to scare any school children. Anyway, I bought the gold head band from Claire’s. I don’t know how much I paid for that exactly, but I do know I don’t buy anything from Claire’s unless it’s on clearance for $5 or less. In total my outfit was less than $35. All purchased locally.

I felt sexy and free spirited. The beautiful day must’ve inspired positive vibes 🙂




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Tiffany Terry

I am a Charleston, Sc based Free-spirited Fashionista. Serving Curves! Legs!..and Looks!

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