Lexus Charleston Fashion Week

Let me start off by saying that I wasn’t a VIP, my seats were not front row, and I only went one night. I’m just a girl on a budget who needed a fashion fix. With that said, my personal photos suck, but I will show you some of my favorite looks from the week via

This year I attended the show on Thursday night. It was Belk Night and also featured  4 emerging designers’ collections. The host were 2 of the cast members from the Bravo reality show ‘Southern Charm.’ Shep, the cute party animal and Craig, the short one. The show wasn’t as exciting as I would’ve liked, considering the primary focus was on Belk’s new spring collections. It was bit vanilla for my taste. I did enjoy the emerging designers segment of the show though. I will definitely go to the Saturday show next year.

The emerging designer that stood out me on Thursday night was Nadine Ralliford.  Her ready-to-wear collection featured jumpsuits, capes, dresses, lots of draping, and ruffles. I could see myself wearing multiple pieces from the collection.

These two looks from Rafie Khoshbin and Bibhu Mohapatra were a couple of my favorites from the week. They represented all that I love in a design-embellishments, see-through material, midriff, skulls, and of course boobs. 

I truly had a wonderful time on Thursday night. I got to get dressed up, have cocktails, and mingle with my fellow fashion lovers. There are very creative regionally based designers that get the opportunity to showcase their talents. It’s great that Charleston Fashion Week exists.

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