Lunch @ Lewis Barbeque


Hello beautiful people! Today, I headed downtown to try the BBQ place that is “so hot right now”, Lewis BBQ . It’s listed as such by Eater Charleston and The Thrill List. I was completely unaware of that prior to my visit. It was nice to go into it blindly. Though, it is difficult with google and yelp.

There were two screened in areas. One is the entrance where the line forms. The other is the exit, I think. I think we went through the wrong, and accidentally broke in front of a few people. Sorry! We walked right in front of all that beautiful meat. Where they gave us samples. That brisket was like no other. My mouth is watering thinking just about it again.

I ordered the the “el sancho”. Like in “Santeria”.  Its the sandwich with beef, sausage, and pickled onions. Also had a side of corn pudding. It was GOOD AF.  There was also dessert, Banana pudding ice cream. Once again, GOOD AF.

All the food is served on a large piece of wax paper accompanied with a tray. Its cafeteria style ordering and seating. There are waitresses who come around picking up the trays and wax paper. It took a minute to figure out the flow of things,  because it isn’t as traditional as other restaurants. However, I loved it.

So, in conclusion this place bitch slaps “Swig and Swine” in the face. That is all 😉

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