Charleston Food Truck Festival

This weekend I decided to check out the Charleston Food Truck Festival in Park Circle. It’s an area of North Charleston that’s steadily becoming gentrified. So you have to be careful where you park, because your car might be missing belongings when you get back, but I digress.

There was a stage with a band playing all the latest contemporary hits. Also, a cool thrift store truck with gently used clothing. They had a few bouncy houses to keep the kiddos occupied. There were about 40 food trucks to choose from.

I had one goal, try something I’d never had before. I think the appeal  of food trucks are to experience recipes that you wouldn’t normally find on a restaurant menu. I didn’t want a burger, giant turkey leg, or Chinese food. I wanted an interesting fusion of something. People always joke with me that I’m just going to pick tacos. Just to prove those people wrong, tacos were also off the table.

I started from the beginning of the line. The first truck that caught my eye was a bacon food truck. I looked at the menu and they didn’t have any cool recipes, just blt’s  and such. So I soldiered on. I seen Korean BBQ, burgers ,and fried chicken galore. Then,we were almost at the end of the line when I seen Roti Rolls. I’ve heard of roti, it’s like an Indian bread, that looks like a tortilla. By the time I got to order, I decided on a rice bowl with cajun chicken, cojita cheese, kimchi, salsa, and aioli. The picture below does not do it justice. When I seen it I thought it was ugly. Then, I tried it . It was spicy, because of the kimchi and Cajun chicken. The spice was offset by the chick peas and broccoli. It was a surprisingly good combination. According to the owner they are from charleston and travel all over the country with the truck. So they knew what they doing.

It was a fun experience, I’ll definitely be there next year. Hopefully, it’ll be safer to park.





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