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Hello beautiful people. This new year I’ve been going through a small transitional phase. I am trying to be a bit more classy, while maintaining my sexy style. The cool part comes naturally. I just feel like it’s time to step it up a notch. I absolutely adore the knee or mid-calf length flounce skirt. I’ve seen them on women I think are very classy. Carolina Herrera and Michelle Obama seem to come to mind at the moment. I had been on the hunt for one for a couple of months. Then, one day I was thrifting at the Goodwill in North Charleston, when I spotted that sweet baby. It was only $3.99, which filled my heart with a ridiculous amount of joy. It makes me smile just thinking about it now.

The skirts remind me of a 1950’s houseswife with her apron and pan of blueberry muffins coming fresh out of the oven. Which was the inspiration behind the kitchen theme. I just replaced the muffins and apron, with wine and a Keurig. I digress.

I purchased the top half of my look on It is a Cut Out Panel Bardot Bodysuit in White at $22.00.  I think it is the part of the sexy that I want to maintain. It is good quality too. I must say that it was significantly shorter than I thought it would be. It did not reach far enough down for me to button it.


Maybe one day I’ll get to wear it out to a nice restaurant or just twirling down King Street. That would be fun. 😉

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Tiffany Terry

I am a Charleston, Sc based Free-spirited Fashionista. Serving Curves! Legs!..and Looks!

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