Do Epic Sh*t

It is January 10, 2017. I am a bit of a procrastinator and I get some form of writer’s block the moment I want to start typing anything, but what hell. The thoughts are still in my head and they need to come out or I’ll feel guilty.

This all begins in late February 2016. I am at Buffalo Wild Wings, of all places, having libations in celebration of my friend’s born day. BWW(buffalo wild wings) has great happy hour deals on Thursdays. As we drank, we have a pretty good conversation. He mentions possibly doing some sort of a podcast. I didn’t know anything about pod casting and you need a following before, it becomes profitable.  I said I think I want to do a blog instead. I said it would be called The Deviant Diva, because I seem unlike others around here. He agreed, it could be an interesting prospective. I took that to drunken heart, and actually went and got myself a domain and a page. I’d didn’t write anything for months.

As the year continued, I came across some wonderfully inspirational people. One was a successful, self proclaimed serial entrepreneur. He wore brightly colored blazers with a pair of white framed sunglasses. I’m still not exactly sure how he made money, but he traveled all over the world and gave speeches on how to be successful. He was ranked one of Charleston’s 100 people to watch or something. He spoke with such conviction. I could see how people would buy anything from him, whether it be words or products. The funny thing is, my bullshit meter naturally goes up with people like that. As I got to know him and his journey the meter slowly went down. He had motivating factors in his life that inspired him to live it to the fullest and be profitable while doing it. He gives awesome advice and took the featured image.

Another dear friend of mine, told me he was quitting his full time job with benefits and  401k, to pursue his passion of photography full time. He knew it wasn’t going to be easy. The biggest motivating factors are his wife and twins. Before he stopped working the other job, he worked hard to establish himself in the industry. He’s got the talent and a growing clientele. When he told me about that. I told him,”I support and believe in you completely, there is no better time than the present. You got this.”  I also probably used some quote about a first step,Crawling before walking, Every chicken comes from an egg. That sounds good. Whatever I said I meant it. After speaking with him, I wrote my first or second post on here. Its been a few months now and he is doing very well. I can’t wait to go up north and shoot with him.

Last but not least, there was my “spirit animal”. She knows me so well. I would get a weekly phone call of her giving me a theme and goals for the month, and asking had I accomplished them. If I didn’t, she’d give me a shit about it. I needed that probably more than anything. She is my mother bird, feeding me her worms of wisdom. LOL

These interactions stood out to me last year, because they moved me. I feel more confident and stronger that I can achieve something special and do what I love. About two months ago, I quit my full time job to pursue freelance styling, merchandising, and the eCommerce store. Also, I wanted the time to travel, and of course focus on The Deviant Diva. It was a very scary decision. I was afraid of falling, but i’m not in a life alert commercial. So if it happens, I’m going to get my ass up and keep going. Bring it on 2017. Life is too short not to DO EPIC SHIT.

P.S. So far so good 😉



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