2016 Dogtoberfest: Dogs,Dine and Wine

That is an awesome name for a charity event. They had me at wine, and I really love dogs too. Anyway,  Dogtoberfest is an event held on Kiawah Island at Freshfields Village to benefit pet rescue organizations around the low country. There were food trucks, wine and beer tasting booths, and a number of other vendors who were selling merchandise for the cause.


The best part of the event is all the dogs in their Halloween costumes. Some looked a little sad. Others strutted their stuff like they were on a runway. The lovely Wonder Women in the photo with me is Betty White, she is a Pit Bull mix and was rescued a 2 years ago. She rocked her costume. Betty and her owner almost won the pet costume contest, if it wasn’t for that Poop Factory dog. I feel like they were robbed, but I may be a little bias.


I didn’t eat anything from the food trucks, but it certainly smelled delicious. There was an Asian fusion truck, and also Seafood one. I did however, partake in the wine tasting. You pay $20 to receive a commemorative wine glass to try unlimited amounts of wine. It was a great turn out. I genuinely enjoyed my day and can’t wait to do it again next year.

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