Music Midtown Festival

A few weekends back, I attended my very first music fest. I drove five hours to the ATL and made my way to Piedmont Park for Music Midtown.

Before I begin, I just want to acknowledge the drunk guy in the picture behind me. He may have been more than drunk, but I digress. After I took the pic, he walked up and asked where we got the guitar shaped cup of wine. Then, proceeded to tell us that, he was on a date with a girl who hates him. He had previously taken her to six flags on a first date. The music festival was there second date. I told him those are two very respectable dates, and it’s pretty shitty of her to except an expensive second date if she didn’t like you. I also told him maybe he’s reading her wrong. Finally his date walked up with a coke for him. I said to her “This guy is so sweet for taking bringing you here, I might have to steal him from you.” She responded, “Please, please take him, now.” She was so serious. I just said “oh, well, you guys have a wonderful time”and jetted out of that awkward situation. Anyway, back to the festivities.

Day one was in the mid 80s and overcast. Which is the perfect weather for an all day event in my eyes. My bestie and I started off with DNCE, who won me over. I cannot stop playing “toothbrush” on my way to work. After DNCE we got our wine on. As pictured at the to top, and listened to Band of Horses from afar. I’ve liked them for years it was awesome to finally get to hear “the funeral”and “no ones gonna love you” live.


Next, we made our way close to one of the other stages to see one of the ATLiens, Big Boi. It was some good show. He performed some classics and I liked the way everybody moved..haha. After Big Boi on the same stage, was Lil Wayne and Two Chains. I would never go see them by themselves. So this was the perfect opportunity to see them do the hits. They performed all my favorites. “A Milli”,”Birthday Song”, Duffle Bag Boy” and more. Lil Wayne says really funny things in his songs and that voice. He’s so tiny and energetic, it’s adorable. It was also a great end to the first day of Music Midtown.


Then, there was day two. It started very similar to day one. We started with Corinne Bailey Rae. As she started performing so did the rain. and it continued throughout her set. She was  still enchanting.

.IMG_4959.JPG img_4962

After the Corrine set they kicked 60, 000 people out of Piedmont Park for a thunder storm warning. It took about an hour to leave and another hour for them to let everyone back in. I was soaked and not very happy. It was a mess.


All the remaining shows got moved back about an hour or so after everyone got back in the park. We found a comfy somewhat dry tree and listened to Kesha, who was so inspiring and honest about her law suit as she performed all of her biggest hits. I didn’t know people loved Kesha so much, But I definitely gained new respect for her as I stood under that tree. I also did a little posing in my small poncho, make up running and all.



All well that ends well though. I got to see my favorite band of my life, “The Killers” for the second time. I’ve loved them since high school, which was a long time ago at this point.  The rain had finally stopped. Daniel Craig, better known as James Bond introduced them and the show was great.I was muddy and I lost my voice because I sung so hard. Still  It was like a romantic comedy. It gets kinda shitty in the middle, but by the end its perfect. Confetti and all.


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