Falling for Maxi’s

The temperature has gone from 99 degrees to the 80’s during the day in Charleston. Its starting to look a lot like fall in the South. Being that there isn’t a drastic change in weather here. We usually stick to our summer attire through the fall. However, there is a look you can incorporate into your wardrobe to assist with looking and staying cool this season.

First, let me start by saying the best way to transition into fall is simply wear darker hues of you favorite colors. All the bright pink, light blues, and lime greens, can stay in the closet until spring flowers bloom. Time for garnets, forest greens, navys, and don’t forget about burnt orange.

This season my favorite trend I’m seeing is the combination of the bootie with bohemian style dresses. More specifically mock neck lace, baby doll, and maxi dresses. The bootie goes well with all those styles. You can go casual or more dressy depending on the color and style of the bootie.

I chose the maxi dress and bootie combination. I’m 5’10 and maxi’s work best for me. I love short dresses, but the older I’ve gotten the more I like to cover my goodies. I also went with an ankle sock instead of those boot socks. I didn’t want to look to Pilgrim like. There are booties and maxi’s in every department store and specialty store you walk into. My booties are from target with zippers on both sides. My dress is from Belk. I finished off the look with a flower choker from H&M. I wanted to give a “one with nature” and sexy fall tree lover look. There are so many ways to make it your own. Just go out and find what dress and bootie combo work for you and rock it with confidence.

Women’s dv Jameson Double Side Zip Booties-Target $37.99

Living Doll Long Sleeve Border Maxi Dress

Living Doll Sleeve border Maxi Dress-Belk $19.99

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