O-KU Better than Ok

Last week I decided to pay a visit to O-Ku. Its a sushi restaurant in Downtown Charleston on King Street. I had previously eaten dinner there and it was pricey, but I really wanted to go back. I happened to see an article online about how they have happy hour on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 5-7 pm with some of their best rolls at 50% and cocktails are a few dollars off.

We walked right over to the bar and took the last two seats available. It was pretty busy. After a few minutes of sitting, Brian the bartender, introduced himself. He was a tall blonde guy with a man bun. He gave a very “Vanderpump Rules” vibe. Like, he’s either banging or wants to bang the other attractive bartenders ladies. It’s one of those restaurants where only good looking people work. Very trendy atmosphere.


He took our drink orders. The drinks usually run between $10-$13. During happy hour select drinks are $3 off. We chose from the specialty drinks. My friend got the shogun. Which is gin mixed with basil and lemon juice. I ordered the A-rad Sangria. Both were very tasty, but like any high end restaurant’s mixed drink, it needed more alcohol.


It took about 25 minutes for our rolls to come out. While we were waiting I asked Brian for water. He brought it and accidentally knocked it over on me. I was cool about it. I just kept a cloth napkin in my lap the remainder of my time there.

The sushi rolls finally come out and they was so good I forgot about the water thing. I ordered the surf and turf roll. Topped with wagyu beef and shrimp in the middle. It was delicious. It probably tasted even better because it was half off, $8 from $16. We also ordered the Dapper Snapper, that’s the one with onions on top. Also included on that plate was the Tuna Wrapped Roll.  They were all fresh and rolled perfectly.


After our meal Brian brought our checks. He only charged me for the roll. So my check was only $8 plus tax. My friend’s check was $22 for two rolls and a drink. If we would’ve ordered the same meal at dinner time it, our checks would’ve totaled $70. So I’d like to thank Brian for not paying attention and spilling water on me. I’m a sucker for a discount. I will be back for another happy hour soon.

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