How did I get here? The Mini Bio

First, let me officially introduce myself and give a little taste of my background. My name is Tiffany Terry. Yes, because of my name I may be a little into doubles. I raised in Macon, Ga. It’s a town with a population of about 100,000 people. So not a super small town, but definitely not huge. I grew up in a college educated black middle class divorced family. I went to a southern baptist church most Sundays. My mother made traditional southern meals, minus the different parts of a pig that aren’t truly eatable. I attended a high school where football was everything. Life was easy and somewhat predictable. I’d always joke with my friends, if I didn’t leave this place, I’d become pregnant or a lesbian by the time I was twenty. It started to become more difficult to connect with the people and the lifestyle. So I got the fuck out of Macon, Ga.

I decided to attend an art college in Miami, and studied Fashion Merchandising. After school, I worked as a visual stylist for a high end department store. I lived in Miami for about 8 years. I call Miami my first love. I learned and grew so much. I also experimented with so so many drugs. It’s not called the “Magic City” for nothing.  Then, I ended up in Los Angeles for a brief 6 months or so. It was way too expensive and much harder to get a job. So that brought me back to Georgia. Savannah this time.

When I was living in Savannah, I visited Charleston one weekend. I went to see the comedian Nick Swardson. He’s the guy who rolls around on roller skates and short shorts on “Reno 911”.  As I explored, the city spoke to me. There was an overwhelming connection. I continued to visit and fell in love with the area. Six months later I had a place and a job. I’ve been in Charleston for 4 years now and I love it.