Lunch @ Community Pizza House

Sure, you would think I’d be classy enough not to talk about a pizza on my blog. Lucky for you guys, I’m not that classy, and I freaking love pizza. Community Pizza House is my go to pizza restaurant in the low country.  It’s located in North Charleston adjacent to The Tanger Outlets, overlooking the beautiful Highway I26, not much of a view unless you’re into witnessing car accidents, but I digress.


During the week it’s counter service. Which means you order at the counter like at McDonald’s and they bring the food to your table. Well I was unaware of that at the time and I just took a seat at the bar facing the kitchen. Five minutes later the nice Latina bartender,with tattooed sleeves on both of her arms, came over and informed me of the counter service. She was still nice enough to serve me anyway. I ordered Pinot Grigio and a pizza with bacon, onions, sun dried tomato, jalapenos, and pepperoni. She back with my wine and left the rest of the bottle, there wasn’t a lot left, but I still felt pretty special. MY pizza came soon after. It was perfect. Even though it was cooked in a wood fired oven the dough wasn’t burnt at all. That normally takes away from the flavor of the pizza for me. The cheese was perfectly stretchy and yummy. I call that sexy cheese, like slow motion in a commercial. The ingredients were definitely fresh.


The menu has the usual entrees you would find on any Italian menu, and other specialty pizzas. I placed the menu link below. The prices aren’t really different from any other specialty pizza restaurant, but the pizza is better. The Mellow Mushroom is four doors down from them and I always choose Community. Check it out.


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